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Senior Dogs and Their Needs.

Old Dog
Senior Dogs

For those of us that have had the privilege to share our life with a senior dog you will understand what a very special relationship it is. The crazy years have past, you now know each other and all your funny little ways, theres a contentment to your relationship.

They're not quite as active as they used to be, they may be a little stiff when they move but they're just as willing to be with you.

There are some very simple things to consider as your dog gets older, joint support is one of them. This doesn't just mean medication and supplements but also many other things to make they're life easier. Putting mats down on slippy surfaces to help them move around safely, changing they're bedding, consider an orthopaedic bed, it offers more support for their joints as they will be resting more.

Senior dogs are also prone to feeling the cold, keep them out of drafts and consider a coat at night and on cold days, they will thank you for it. Dogs will tend not to show pain unless it is really bad, so if you see your old dog, struggling to get up from laying down, or hesitating before jumping into the car or going down stairs then it probably means they have some joint pain.

Senior dogs don't tend to cope well with change, they are just like us in that respect. The older they get the less adaptable they become.

They're also prone to panicking if they feel under stress.They could be doing something that they have been fine with in the past but all of a sudden they can't cope with it. A good example of this is the groomers or going to the vets .It is also quite common for some senior dogs to begin to panic when left alone, your dog may have been fine with this in the past but as they get older and feel more vunerable they then panic when they're on their own. This is not a behaviour problem it is simply old age.

So Love your old friend and be open to the change that is happening to them. Embrace the time you have with them, they deserve all your love and kindness.

"Old dogs, like old shoes, are comfortable.

They might be a bit out of shaped and a little worn

around the edges, but they fit well.

- Bennie Wilcox

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